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What is the Best Type of Water to Drink?

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There are many different types of water you can drink. Mineral, Alkaline, and Distilled are the most popular. But do they all have the same health benefits? Read on to discover which type is best for you. Let’s begin by defining each type of water. Mineral water is a great choice, but you should avoid distilled water. Distilled water has less minerals than spring water, and the lack of these minerals can cause health problems. Spring water contains more minerals, so you will have a more balanced body.

Mineral water

There are a few benefits to drinking mineral-rich water. In addition to being the best water for your body, it also has other benefits, such as reducing the symptoms of constipation and dyspepsia. Some research has shown that drinking mineral water may improve gallbladder function. There are no known health risks when drinking mineral water, but drinking it from plastic bottles may lead to harmful effects.

Alkaline water

Although most of us are familiar with the benefits of drinking water, you may not be aware of the many health benefits of drinking alkaline water. Its benefits include improved digestion, reduced aging, improved bone health, and better body mineral content. Despite these benefits, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not officially approved or discredited alkaline water. They do, however, claim that it has antioxidant properties which can protect the body from cell damage and prevent disease. Alkaline water can also be useful to people who suffer from osteoporosis, but that link has not yet been verified by any scientific study.

Distilled water

There are several benefits to distilled water. For one, it is pure. Many people think that distilled water has a cleansing effect. The process of distillation removes many types of waterborne pathogens. Most bacteria and viruses are destroyed during this process. Even more, distilled water is free of harmful chemicals, as the Environmental Protection Agency allows for a minimal amount of them in drinking water.

Spring water

There are several benefits of drinking spring water. It is safer than purified water and contains essential minerals that are important to your health. You can also taste the difference between purified and spring water. However, both contain contaminants that can affect your health. The contaminants can enter the water during the process of transport, processing, or even the source spring. Spring water is preferred for its natural taste. Here’s what to look for in spring water.

Bottled water

Whether bottled or tap water is better for you depends on your health, preferences and budget. You should consider the taste of the water, whether it is more nutritious, how much it costs and whether it leaches minerals. Some experts say that bottled water is better than tap, but you must do your research and make an informed decision. Here are the pros and cons of bottled water:

Natural sources

In addition to groundwater and surface water, our drinking supplies come from underground waters and hidden glaciers and ice caps. While the former two do provide some water for human consumption, they aren’t our main sources. We also get water from reclaimed wastewater and seawater with artificial minerals. Regardless of the source, water is essential for household, industrial, and recreational activities. Below are the main types of water that we use on a daily basis.

Purified water

Many water companies claim their product is purified, but what does this actually mean? Purified water is highly treated water without the chemical compounds that can be found in public water sources. It is collected at a spring or through a bore hole and must meet FDA guidelines. This is much better than the bottled, tap water we drink every day, and the majority of people are not aware of the fact. But drinking bottled water is not necessarily better for you.

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